Our Services

Accident Repair

If you 've been in a minor or major collision, we work with your insurance company or with you personally to restore you 're vehicle to its original condition. We cover all mechanical and body repair. All our work is done with original parts and is guaranteed in writing.

Paint Restoration

We offer a full restoration procedure for all types of vehicle paint jobs. This process includes a full compound, wax/glaze which eliminates minor surface scratches and restores your vehicles paint to its lustre and radiance.

Windshield Replacement

Windshield replacement for badly damaged and cracked windshields of all makes and models.

Anti-Rust Treatment

Affordable full anti-rust treatments available with the latest no leak compounds. Undercarriage, doors, fenders, hood, trunk and quarter panels are completely protected.

Mechanical Work

From oil changes and wheel rotations to replacing your engine or transmission, At Carrosserie De Bullion, there 's nothing we can 't repair on vehicle.